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Brief News Around Association Of Early Intervention for Children With Disability
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Together We Rise, 

Grand Opening of the Association for Early Intervention.   

Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disability New headquarter located in Gala Heights was inaugurated on Monday 6th May 2024 at a ceremony hold under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al Sabti, Minister of Health, and Her Excellency Dr. Laila bint Ahmed Al Najjar, Minister of Social Development . The ceremony was attended by representatives of supporting companies, institutions, and distinguished guests. During the event, attendees were given a tour of the Society's facilities and introduced to its advanced services by Ms. Sabah Al Bahalani, CEO of the Early Intervention Society along with bored members of the association.

4th annual Oman Pediatric  Conference.

In an effort to raise awareness about the association services provided , the association has recently participated in the 4th annual Oman Pediatric  Conference. The association showcased its initiatives aimed at providing support and resources for children and families facing developmental challenges.

Sponsorship agreement with Mitsui iIndibi Middle East

Ms. Sabah Al-Bahlani, CEO of the Early Intervention Association for Children with Disabilities, was honored to sign a cooperative agreement with Mr. Engineer Mohammed Al-Harithi, CEO of Mitsui iIndibi Middle East. The agreement aims to support early intervention services for children with special needs, and to support rehabilitation services.

Sponsorship agreement with OXY Oman

Sponsorship agreement was signed between OXY Oman and Association of early intervention for children with Disability. The agreement was signed by Steven Lauver, President and General Manager of Oxy Oman with Dr. Lubna Al Kharusi, Secretary of the Board of Directors of AEICD . This Sponsorship agreement will support the Association with a year-long rehabilitation program.

Golf for Autism 

Golf Fore Autism Corporate Charity Golf Day, which continues to grow yearly reaching its 8th annual Golf Fore Autism. The aim is to raise awareness and provide educational initiatives on Autism in Muscat. Thanks to Steven Johnson and Kylie for continuing to support this cause. The Association appreciates all of the sponsors for everything they do.  

Physio therapy (PT) training

In cooperation with the Oman College of Health and Sciences, the Early Intervention Society received a group of students from the PT Department for practical training. The training program for PT students is a 6 week course, during which students explore the opportunity for scientific training, interpretational collaboration, and learning about the most important fields related to the PT specialty.

Rare Disease Awareness Event

An event to promote awareness about rare diseases is about to be held in Salalah on 29 July 2022


Construction Of A new Vocational Centre

To support the construction and establishment of a new vocational centre for childen with disability, an agreement was signed on June 5 2022 between KR Eshraqa and the Association. 

The agreement was signed by Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas and Sabah Mohammed Al Bahlani, CEO of the Association. According to the agreement, KR Eshraqa will provide financial assistance to the association for the new vocational centre that will help to train the children of the association on equipment and support their integration into society.

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