Other support services

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Other support services
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Family Support Group For Children With Rare Disorders

The association formed a Family Support group for parents of children with rare disorders so that families could support each other emotionally and advise each other on issues related to their children. Also, the association organizes medical/technical information, social, psychological, and rehabilitation services, and training to help families care for their children. The association sells assistive devices for families at a minimum cost. The families are encouraged to advocate for their children’s needs and create awareness among the community regarding children with rare disorders.


Since its inception, the Association of Early Intervention has been focused on providing splints and aids to children with disabilities. The workshop offers a range of services, including the provision of assistive devices and appropriate splints, modifications to overcome the challenges of performing various functions of the child, changing, or modifying tools and devices including chairs, wheelchairs, special seats, and tools used in everyday activities.

These modifications help provide comfort and adaptation for children with disabilities. The workshop can offer appropriate braces to correct medical deformities, stands, and newly developed technology to assess and provide specialized equipment to improve their quality of life.

Support services

The association provides other services for parents, such as:

Full assessments of children with disabilities

Intelligence screening (IQ)

Other assessments using a variety of tools

Providing educational, psychological, and rehabilitation counseling

Sports and entertainment programs

Educational, behavioral, and psychological programs

Training Services

The center offers a range of training services:

  • Training for the families of children with disabilities and those concerned with disability issues in the local community in order to develop their abilities and raise awareness in the community on how to deal with people with disabilities

  • Training for students at colleges in the fields of health education and rehabilitation

  • Training for school students in different fields of disability

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