Early Childhood and family support

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The children are registered, and their needs is assessed to provide appropriate services for them. The social worker interviews the families and conducts a detailed case study to find out the case history and provide the necessary guidance to the parents. Families have learned about association from word of mouth, referral from government/private hospital, schools, Ministry of Social Development, printed material, and social media. The psychologist and supervisors from different sections will assess the child and interview the family and gives them the necessary guidance. Counseling family is a process of helping family members to understand family life, achieve family stability and happiness. After completing the detailed assessment process, the child is accepted into the association either in early childhood (from birth to 3 years) or day care (3 to 9 years).


Family support is the cornerstone of childcare, providing a nurturing and stable environment where a child can thrive. When surrounded by supportive family members, children develop better emotionally, socially, and intellectually. This natural environment fosters their growth and helps them reach their full potential.

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